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Company Name HouseRep Tokyo Inc.
President Masaharu Nakata
Address 3F, 1-4-15,
Hiroo, Shibuya-ku,
Contact T: +81-(0)3-6427-5860
F: +81-(0)3-6427-5869
E-mail: inquiry@houserep-tokyo.com
URL: http://www.houserep-tokyo.com
Incorporation March 3rd, 2010
Capital 9 million yen
License Tokyo – 3 – 92545
Access 6 min. walk from “Ebisu”st. on JR Yamanote line


会社名 ハウスレップ トーキョー株式会社
代表取締役 中田 雅晴
所在地 〒150-0012
お問い合せ 電話:03-6427-5860
設立 2010年3月3日
資本金 9,000,000円
宅建免許 東京都知事(3)第92545号
アクセス 「JR山手」線「恵比寿」駅より徒歩6分

HRT services

HouseRep Tokyo strives to provide the best available property information and the best services for your “Housing” & “Tokyo life”. We keep updating thousands of property listings for the expatriates’ needs in our database. Also our experienced & friendly agents try catching useful information on the real estate market and the daily life in Tokyo. We hereunder show the relocation flow chart on how to find your new home step by step.

Let’s start house hunting about 2 months before your desired move-in-date. It would be a good idea to make a list of requirements for a new apartment or house. “Apartment or House”, “Which Area”, ”No. of Bedrooms”, “Size”, “Parking” and “Pet” should be very essential items. Furthermore, some other requirements which you cannot compromise should be written down on the list as well. (for example,” Garden”, “Views”, “Distance to Children’s School”, “Age of Bldg.”, etc.) Please send an inquiry or call HouseRep Tokyo. Jump to our “Inquiry Form” by choosing “Contact” at the bottom of every property detail page or by choosing “Inquire” at the main bar on the top page. We sure have a lot more properties than the ones listed on our website and if you inquire us, our experienced agents will reply back with all the updated market information.
When you find any property that you might be interested, our agent will take you to the viewing. In the Tokyo leasing market, the popular ones are taken quickly, so it is better to view as soon as possible. We recommend you to come to the viewing with shoes that are easy to take off.
Once you find a place you like, our agent will send the application form on your behalf to the landlord. The application need to include a bid for the rent, desired move-in date and any other requests you may have. In case of a corporate contract, this also needs to be signed by the corporate HR (the human resources department).
Negotiation and Contracts
Our agent makes great effort to fulfill the bid and your requests, but please understand that you might be offered other options or compromises during the process of negotiating. After the negotiation, and the agreement of both parties, the landlord will send a draft copy of the lease to your company (HR). There are two kinds of leases, “standard contract” which the lease can be renewed and “fixed term contract” which the lease is terminated after the lease term. Some fixed term contracts will allow to re-contract, but others will be terminated after the lease term which is usually 2 or 3 years. Please make sure on the lease type before submitting the application.
Property Inspection and Moving In
On the move-in date, the keys are given to you by the agent, and an orientation of your new apartment / house is done by the management company or the landlord. Before bringing in your furniture, please make a note of any existing damage (if any) so that you will not be responsible to repair them when you move out in the future. Please be noted that you or your company will be asked for the cost of repairs / replacements for any damages occurred during your stay.
Full Support during Your Stay
If you have any question or trouble during your lease term, please feel free to contact us. “Air-Con”, “TV”, “Internet”, “Plumbing”, “Neighbors”, “Garbage Collection”… There are many things to take care during your stay and we, HouseRep Tokyo, will always stand beside you & your family.
Moving Out
After carrying out all the furniture and luggages, the management company or the landlord will come to the property to have the keys returned from you and to do a final house inspection. Our agent will be there with you to negotiate with the landlord over the damage fees. We, HouseRep Tokyo, will make sure that the security deposit is paid back to you (or your company) from the landlord.

If you have any questions or would like for more details, please feel free to contact us.