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2016.11.02 "Homat", Luxury & Spacious apartments in Hiroo, Azabu, Roppongi area. Most units have been recently renovated and very clean ! Especially, these are the best properties for families with children ! 2016.11.01 Fully Furnished Apartment, SEA BREEZE TOWER TOKANAWA", 1 min. from Sengakuji station / 13min. from Shinagawa station. Easy Access to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, and anywere in the central Tokyo. 2016.10.14 " The Belgravia Azabu ", New & Stylish Apartment near "Tokyo Tower", "Azabujuban shopping blocks", "Nissin (International Supermarket", "Shiba Park", etc. 2016.06.01 Homat Monarch - Luxury & Spacious Apartment in Hiroo w/ a car parking, roof top, and a fitness room. "Arisugawa Park", "National Azabu", "Yebisu Garden Place", "International Schools", etc. are within a walking distance. 2016.04.08 "D'Grance Shirokane #1101" - Cozy & Sunny Apt. w/ good view in very quiet residential blocks of Shirokane. Good access to Azabujuban & Hiroo. 2016.03.14 Cozy 3BR Apt. in Daikanyama, near Parks, Meguro River, and T-Site (Tsutaya). 2016.03.07 "Brand New" Stylish apartment in Daikanyama, " The Conoe Daikanyama ". 2 min. walk from Daikanyama Station / 7 min. walk from Nakameguro station. "T-Site", "Saigoyama Park", "Meguro River", "Yebisu Garden Place", etc. are within a walking distance. 2015.12.14 "Motoazabu Twins", Luxurious Apartment in Central Azabu area where one of the most desired residential neigborhood by Expats families. 2015.11.27 "Midorigaoka Garden", High End Quality apartment, designed in European Style. Good access to "Omotesando", "Shibuya", and "Roppongi / Hiroo" 2015.10.16 Sunny & Good View !! "Residence Daikanyama #701", Luxury Apartment in Daikanyama, will be available soon !! Good location, near Shibuya, Ebisu, T-Site (Tsutaya), and Meguro River (Nakameguro)
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